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What a fucking cornball. I hate dudes like this. Too many of them on this site, tbh.

right man? like there’s hardcore evidence that he stole a post from me not even 12 hours later and acts like i’m obsessed with him.

Haven’t even heard of dude until he stole my post and every once in awhile I’ll see him on my dashboard and think to myself, “What slept-on blogger did he steal this post from?”

Dude corny and he’s lame as hell. Stealing posts just to acquire mass amounts of followers to co-sign his lame ass text posts.

screaming this was in my drafts like ppl are so obsessed with me it’s so weird I’ve never seen this guys blog before nor…

dude you probably one of the biggest fuck boys on this site

I responded like a month ago and the obvious info is on my blog but to summarize for those viewing….

You took a post I posted at 5 a.m when I was fresh from work & you ended up stealing that same post not even 12 hours later tryna direct all the traffic I was getting from that post onto your watered down blog.

Then when I point you out on it, you play the whole “i’m too busy being popular on tumblr to worry about your blog” card like

what’s even hysterical is that you replied to this post (that’s two months old) then ended up deleting it minutes later. Which makes you seem bitch made to take the wrath of any type of rebuttal. 

All I do is blog about sports and whatever looks cool to me. Every once in awhile i’ll post something and I usually keep track of them.

You look like a latino Mandark that could only afford the lip surgery but them student loans biting you in the ass so you put those ass and titties on layaway. Talking about i’m obsessed.