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I don’t think a Republican will ever win a Presidential election for at least the next 12 years.

The showing of Mitt Romney and his blatant disrespect of not only of women, but writing off half of the nation’s population due to classicism was appalling.

And if that’s the best The Republican party can offer? Then they need to go extinct.

>Thinks Mitt Romney was what most of the GOP wanted. 

I am ignorant of electoral practices in the US, but does not the fact that he was voted as the presidential candidate for the Republican Party mean that he was what most or at least a majority of the Republican Party wanted?

Even if Mitt Romney wasn’t favorable, the Republican runner-ups of 2012 weren’t looking so hot either.

Remember when Former Speaker of the U.S. House Newt Gingrich compared all Muslims to Nazis and Communists?

Remember when Michele Bachmann saluted the so-called “Upsides of Slavery?” Mentioning that it kept Black families intact?

Did anyone tell Ron Paul that it was 2012? And being against gay marriage would possibly ruin his Presidential Campaign?

It’s like how can we get on the subjects of Jobs, Renewable Energy, Education etc. when the majority of the Republican Party can’t treat every U.S. Citizen as a human being?